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We specialize in creating visually striking ecommerce website that will attract attention and convert visitors into customers. We'll show you the "alchemy", of taking the basic elements of your business and transform them into their most effective form.

Ready for Ecommerce?
1: attractive; impressive: a scene of striking beauty.
2: noticeable; sensational: a striking amount of detail.
Origin: 1605–15; strike  + -ing
1: a power or process of transforming something common into something special.
Origin: 1325-1375; earlier alchimie

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our office is located in Buffalo, NY

who we are

We are passionate designers & storytellers who use marketing activities to solve problems & reach goals.

what we do

Create strikingly attractive website designs & build strong brands that attract attention & convert traffic.

why we do it

The excitement! We love working with passionate people, enabling us to design new & exciting things.

tell a story ~ It’s one of the simplest & most effective things you can do for your business. It doesn’t require huge budgets, giant teams or tons of time. Just a small group of dedicated & talented individuals focused on sharing engaging content effectively. A great story isn’t just read words, but rather experienced between the lines. Storytelling transcends verbs, vowels and alliteration. It’s the images your eyes see, connected with the words your ears hear, resulting in conjured emotions. Storytelling sells products, creates advocates, and grows businesses. Design a website, with a story to tell.

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All ideas start somewhere & they illuminate new conceptions about what is possible.

who we work with

Small Businesses

Small businesses are our passion, because well - we are one! We understand the unique set of challenges small businesses face everyday.


Startups develop new ideas and technologies that truly change the world. We work on taking those ideas from the whiteboard to application.

Online Retailers

Retailers who take pride in the products they sell. Selling online is challenging & competitive. We design & develop visually striking online stores.

hear from our clients

Small businesses are our passion, because well - we are one! We understand the unique set of challenges small businesses face everyday.

  • We challenged the Striking Alchemy team with building four new e-commerce stores for our various products, as well as launching our new retail brand. The results have been great and we have plans for building a fifth brand!
    ~ Inca Brands
  • Striking Alchemy developed us a fully functional e-commerce store, enabling us to upgrade our order management, fulfillment and marketing processes. We can now offer sales and connect with our customers across the country easier than ever before. We've had great feedback.
    ~ Relish Beach Glass Jewelers Inc.
  • We appreciate your ideas the quality of your work and how attentive / accommodating  you have been to our request. I can't thank you enough for how the facebook page turned out.
    ~ Kaydara Noodle Bar
  • The team at Striking Alchemy is flexible and responsive.  We’ve been using their services for several years now and we’ve always been happy with the result.

    ~ Shale Gas Innovation & Commercialization Center
  • We love our new online store. The response from our customers has been great and orders are rolling in. We're excited to start working with you guys on a new print catalog.
    ~ Alpaca Golf

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Great designs start on the page, but reach much further.

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