our approach to web design

A refreshingly straightforward approach

We're a small group of passionate people focused on creating visually striking websites on rock solid platforms. We differentiate ourselves by our ability to do more than just create home pages - we tell our client's story.

Having an interesting story that attracts and engages people is one of the simplest & most effective things you can do for your business. In a world where everyone has a website, it's more important than ever to be unique. Storytelling sells products, creates advocates, and grows businesses. By using engaging imagery and creating content with a voice, we achieve visual storytelling and interesting content people want to share. That's a website with a story to tell. 

We believe that a website's design should serve a purpose, and cultivate a response with the user. That coding should simply be rock solid. That how a piece of functionality works, is just as important as it working. And finally, that storytelling is more then just words on a screen - it's an experience shared throughout the elements of your website.

We first taste with our eyes

When we first approach a website design, it's in an effort to answer the question. How should this website make the user feel? That's a complex question and the answers have a huge range. We feel that this is different then most other web designers (they first ask - what functionality should this website have?). In our experience, we first begin interacting with a website through what it looks like. If the design makes us feel confused, do we even read anything it says? Typically no. It first has to be visually appealing in order for us to try it.


Your personal project manager, with you the whole way

Let's get started by meeting the people involved in your project. The main reason we do great work is because we have great people. You'll be introduced to your personal project manager who will guide you through the entire process. Any time you have a question, you have direct access to them. No guess work, running around, or wondering who's taking care of what. Your project manager will be the point of contact for everything.

we use the great tools to make the process easy

Content planning & page organization leads to an awesome user-experience

Clean, well organized websites all start out as clean, well organized projects. We not only follow information architecture best-practice, but our own substantial project experience to get you launched. By doing things right from the start, it establishes a great foundation for your website which guides the rest of the process. This also leads to simpler content writing because page topics have been thought through. Selecting images for pages is easier because each page has it's own distinct tone. Results are better because things have been done right. 

why do we do all of this?

For Better SEO

  • Improved organic search rankings
  • Proper keyword placement

For Better UX

  • Ensure content is discovered
  • Engage with relevent content

For Better IA

  • Clean website page structure
  • Proper site indexing & usability

Our design approach

Each of our websites are unique. We don't stick you inside a template or handcuff you to a layout. We bring an eye for design along with expert talent to each project. By combining this with clear objectives, ensure that the work we provide is visually striking. Because after all that's what is going to convert for you. Not to mention, it's kinda what we're all about.  

Best practice development, making sites beautiful inside & out

What's the point of looking good if you can't do any good. A website has got to function, and function well. The only more beautiful than our designs, is our clean code. No hack jobs, shady third-party widgets, or broken WordPress plugins. We build our sites on an award winning content management system (CMS), which is the best cloud CMS for Small to Midsize Business as decided by CMS Critic. Great work, needs great tech - that's what we bring you.


Beta testing

We are always shocked to hear how few websites are actually beta tested these days. Many developers skip this step altogether. We do not. It's critical in our process to ensure that your website does everything that it was promised to do. That's why, before one of our sites launch you'll have full access to try and break it. When you can't, you'll know that you're ready to go live.




Site launch, ongoing support & web marketing services

Not only do we get you live, but once we do we don't abandon you. We're available if you ever need web support or marketing services. Launching a website is just the first step. We're here to support you in all the others that come next. As a full service web agency, we can advise you social media, search engine optimization, content marketing, and banner ad retargeting. The best part is, since we're already familiar with you and what your goals are we're better equipped to help you obtain them. We don't just want to be the people who built your website, we want to be your web partner.

Have a project in mind?

Great, let’s get started! Tell us about your project with our project planner. Doing so helps us better understand your requirements and in turn we can provide a more helpful response.